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The neck is made up of vertebrae that begin at the skull and move to the upper torso. It supports the head, allows for mobility, and can be vulnerable to injury. When neck pain is excruciating or persists after several weeks, it may be time to visit a doctor.

Chronic Back Pain

After 12 weeks of consistent back pain, it is classified as chronic back pain. When suffering from pain that is affecting the ability to live life comfortably, it is important to seek medical attention. At Texas Center for Spine Surgery we offer many treatment options.

Alternatives to Spinal Fusion

Have you been told that you need Spinal Fusion? Before you make that committment, contact us to schedule a consultation to find out if there may be alternative treatment options for you. Our Doctors are the experts in less invasive techniques to spinal fusion.

Minimally Invasive

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery involves your surgeon using non-invasive techniques to minimize the trauma to the body. Instead of traditional surgery that results in 5 to 6 in incisions, minimally invasive surgery uses very tiny incisions and small arthroscopic instruments.

Texas Center for Spine Surgery

The Experts in Finding Alternative Solutions to Spinal Fusion.

When back pain becomes too much to bear and you need someone you can trust, visit The Texas Center for Spine Surgery. Our licensed professionals are ready to serve you with all of your back and neurological needs. We specialize in finding less invasive treatment options as alternatives to Spinal Fusion.

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  • I was experiencing weakness, numbness and tingling in my hands and feet and eventually began losing my balance and had several falls at home. Dr. Bindal explained that an MRI of my neck showed that I had pressure on my spinal cord. Dr. Bindal discussed my diagnosis and the surgery I would need in a manner I could clearly understand. He performed surgery on October 10, 2010 to take the pressure off my spinal cord. Within a month I noticed more strength in my hands and my balance was much better. My handwriting also improved! Today I feel wonderful. I exercise every day. I feel I had the best care possible. If I ever had to have spine surgery again,

  • I have the utmost faith and respect for Dr. Bindal. He is a caring physician and knows how to put you at ease when you are facing a serious surgery. I appreciated his factual approach to explaining my condition and the patience he showed in answering all my questions.


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 At The Texas Center for Spine Surgery we understand that compassionate care is of the utmost importance. Our doctors and staff members know that surgery is a big commitment for our patients and we do everything in our power to make you comfortable.


When it's time to get surgery, you need to be assured you're in good hands. Our doctors and medical professionals are highly trained in spinal and neurological procedures and treatments with many years of experience. If you're looking for the best spinal team in Houston - You've come to the right place.

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 Dr. Bindal has a special interest in advanced neurosurgical techniques, especially in spinal surgery. He has pioneered development of new surgical techniques such as minimally invasive spine surgery.

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A herniated disc creates pressure on the nerves, resulting in pain which radiates down the nerve pathway.

Stenosis is when there is compression of the spinal cord.

Low back pain and neck pain can be a result of degenerative disc disease.

Sciatica refers to the feelings of leg pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling, that travel down the back of the leg from the low back via the sciatic nerve

This condition occurs when one vertebra re-adjusts itself to slip forward over the vertebra beneath it. Symptoms of this condition include low back pain and pain in the leg, which can hinder movement.


If you've been told you need a Spinal Fusion, we're here for a second opinion. At Texas Center for Spine Surgery, we specialize in finding less invasive options. Spinal Fusions are always a last resort.

For qualified patients a minimally invasive lumbar discectomy is the gold standard surgery of choice. This surgical procedure has a very high success rate and is helpful in relieving pain from sciatica.

Performed to treat certain conditions of the spine like spinal cord compression, arthritis, bone spurs, disc herniations, fractures, and spinal tumors. Unlike a fusion, this surgery does not result in loss of motion in the joints.

This is a minimally invasive procedure to treat pain from pinched nerves using just a one inch incision. It preserves ligaments, the contra-lateral facet joint, and the midline spine while avoiding destabilization of the spine.